FEISEDY Polarized Sports Sunglasses Changeable Lenses TR90 Frame Cycling B2280 Reviews

FEISEDY Polarized Sports Sunglasses Changeable Lenses TR90 Frame Cycling B2280
FEISEDY Polarized Sports Sunglasses Changeable Lenses TR90 Frame Cycling B2280

  • FEISEDY Sport Sunglasses can be equipped with optical glasses, can adjustable nose pads, 5 different functions Interchangeable Lenses, Detachable glasses leg with headband
  • UV400 HD LENS: ALL Lenses Block harmful rays with UV400 Protection. At the same time, High-definition lens allows you to better observe the scenery
  • The ultra light TR90 frame: You can hardly feel them on your face! TR90 frame can be adjusted to perfectl fit your size. TR90 frames not only fit comfortable but also provide unparalleled durability.
  • Cool design and easy fit. It has rubber on the ears side so they are comfortable to wear. Silicone nose pads Give you the best fit
  • Great fashion design polarized sport sunglasses for ski, golf, cycling, running, fishing, driving, bike, cricket, motorcycle and all outdoor sports activities

FEISEDY Sport Sunglasses

Function of 5 Changeable Lenses

Polarized Grey Lenses
Anti scratch, optimal durabillty. Block glare reflected off of roads, water, snow…. Ensure clear vision and more natural vision sight. Restore true color and make your eyes more comfy

Color Film lens, which can filter out a lot of blue light and are used for scenes of hard light and bright glare
Blue lens, which can improve visual contrast and clarity and is suitable for days of serious air pollution or foggy weather
Yellow lens, which can reduce car light glare at night, improve clarity of the environment and expand the scope of the night vision
Transparent lens, which can reflect more light, is suitable for wet weather and at the same time can prevent sand blowing


Comfortable wearing experience is guaranteed by rubber nose pad and rubber glasses’ legs.
Headband: Glasses’ legs can be replaced with headband, which can protect against falling during movement.
Myopic clip: Myopic lens can be installed and clipped on mainframe.

1. Installation and disassembly of the lens requires many attempts and practices to become proficient. Please be patient and try it boldly. Also, be careful, don’t overexert and avoid damaging the lens
2. Please do not use sunglasses in high temperatures for long periods of time, which is not good for your health and glasses. When you don’t need to use them, put the glasses and accessories back in the spectacle case.
3. Note: Only gray lenses in this product are of polarized function and the other four are colored lenses with UV400 protection function for different scenes
4. If there is an odor in the spectacle case, open it in the ventilation area and the smell will disappear within 1 to 3 days

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