survival Handy First Aid Kit

survival Handy First Aid Kit
survival Handy First Aid Kit

  • ORIGINAL, AUTHENTIC, 100% SURVIVAL: We are Survival Emergency Solutions, the creator of the SURVIVAL range of first aid kits. You are buying the only genuine, original and authentic SURVIVAL First Aid Kit on the market. Don’t be fooled into buying fakes by other vendors.
  • Lightweight, portable, perfect for hiking, camping, trekking, extreme sports, outdoor adventures – basically any activity where you need first aid equipment and weight and size is your biggest worry!
  • INTELLIGENT: This kit educates the user and reduces stress levels during emergencies. Every component is labelled, telling you what the item is, what it should be used for, and how many you need to keep in your kit. Gone are those days of rummaging through a first aid box for non existent items or out of date products!
  • INNOVATIVE & QUALITY: The KIT bag is water resistant, durable with strong zips and double stitched handles. There are belt loops and the bag has reflective piping to help you find the KIT in the dark.
  • 100% GUARANTEE: This kit is approved by FDA. All products are sterile and wrapped carefully. We offer a money back guarantee as we are sure you’ll love this kit.

The handy first aid kit was designed to be portable and handy enough to contain just the right amount of first aid components to get you through until you can access further medical treatment. You’ll be able to strap a serious bleed, wash a wound, place an arm in sling or temporarily strap a bad cut until you receive medical attention. Problem solved! World class design The bag itself is durable, water resistant and rugged. There is a zippered section on the outside of the bag to insert additional items such as your own medications or other necessities that you can’t leave home without. You can tailour your kit to your own needs, as let’s face it, we are all different! We make it easy to access the kit by providing a belt loop so you can always reach the items you need. Who should purchase this kit? If you love travelling, day trips or have a small bag that needs a kit then the handy kit is for you. This kit is also perfect for the car, motorbike or any form of transport where size and weight is on your mind. We recommend the Handy kit for handbags, sport bags, day trips, weekend trips, round the world travel, mountain bikers, BMX, camping, hiking, trekking, vehicles or even in the baby pram. Adhesive dressings (20), Skin Cleaning wipes (4, 1 is packed inside the CPR KIT), Bandage shears 15cm stainless (1), Cotton gauze swabs, individual but comes in 1 pack of 3, sterile, 7.5cm x 7.5cm (3), CPR Card (1), SURVIVAL First Aid in Brief Booklet (1), Hypo allergenic adhesive tape, 25mm (1), Nitrile gloves large (2, but 1 pair is packed inside CPR KIT), Note Pad (1) Note pad is included in the back of the First Aid in Brief Booklet, Pencil (1), SMART Snake Bandage, 2m x 10cm, Pressure Bandage (1), Resuscitation face mask, disposable (1), Saline, 15ml (2), Safety Pins (2), Splinter probes (5) Triangular bandage, 96cm x 96cm x 136cm (1), Tweezers (1), Wound closures (1 pack of 3)

Pernulo 64 Pieces First Aid Kit Medical Survival Bag-Portable Emergency Bag- Exceeds OSHA ANSI Standard – for Car, Home,Emergency, Survival, Indoor and Outdoor Used
Pernulo 64 Pieces First Aid Kit Medical Survival Bag-Portable Emergency Bag- Exceeds OSHA ANSI Standard - for Car, Home,Emergency, Survival, Indoor and Outdoor Used

  • MULTIPURPOSE: Be prepared in case of any disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes, flooding, hurricanes, or power outager etcs, Perfect keep for Road trip,Travel,Adventure ,workplace,family, home, kitchen, school, university, kids, pools, church
  • BEST VALUE: Light weight, flexible, practical durable design (size 6×4.3×2.4″), weighing only 0.56 pound that literally Fits even In the glove Compartment Of Your Car and backpack. Easy to carry.
  • Several different products to handle trauma situations
  • CONTETNS: Including Bandage, Gauze Swab, Bandage Triangulaire,cotton swab, Povidone-lodine Prep Pad, Alcohol Pad, scissors, PBT Bandage, Safety Pin, Tourniquet, Tweezers, sterile gauze swab, sterile adhesive bandage, safe pin, Paper Surgical Tape
  • HIGH QUALITY .It was made by high quality nylon bag with PVC inside, water resistant ,great for long time use. . Fits perfectly in moms handbag, pocket, purse, backpack

Accidents always happen around in our life suddenly.And it is extremely important that we are fully prepared when emergency situations arise.This First Aid Kit is focused on giving the widest variety of products and having quantities for each that will work in harmony.Having a first aid kit is not an option but a must-have for every household.

The Convenient size for first aid kit let it easily store in office/workshop/Car/home or luggage (when you out of travel ) .It will surely come in handy, anytime so always be prepared.It’s also very easy to carry out for kids,children,boys,girls and teens,when they go to school or playing sporting games.

Frist Aid Kit Medical Survival bag Mini Portable Emergency bag for Travel,Office,Home,Car,School,Emergency Situation,Camping,Hunting,Sports and all outdoor adventures.

List of Contents:

10 X Safety pin 3cm
4 X Povidone-Iodine Prep Pad
2 X Sterile gauze swab(5x5cm)
1 X Plastic Tweezers/Forceps
1 X Bandage Triangulaire 96*96*136cm
1 X scissors
1 X PBT bandage
1 X Latex tourniquet
1 X Non-woven tape 1.25x450cm (1roll)
10 X Alcohol Pad
10 X Bandage Adhesive Strips
22 X Cotton swab

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