EDELRID – Fraggle II, Children’s Safety Climbing Harness

EDELRID – Fraggle II, Children’s Safety Climbing Harness
EDELRID - Fraggle II, Children's Safety Climbing Harness

  • PINT-SIZED ADVENTURERS: The Fraggle II is a child’s full body harness, designed to stay secured to the little ones whose hips are not yet defined. Features a high tying in point, level with the chest, to help prevent your child from inverting
  • CHOICE FIT FOR YOU CHILD: Available in XXS and XS and is suitable for kids up to 88 lbs. The XXS has a waist of 15.7-19.7 inches and a max leg loop of 14.6 inches. The XS has a waist of 19.7-25.6 inches and a max leg loop of 18.9 inches
  • WHINE-FREE FUN: With an ergonomic design and 3D mesh padding, your tiny tyke will be secure and comfortable during their entire climb
  • ADVENTURE ANYWHERE: The Fraggle II includes a back attachment point that can be used for climbing, support on steep terrain, or to guide a child while skiing
  • BUCKLE-UP SAFELY: Features 2 Slide Block buckles that keeps the child protected and helps the harness to stay in place

The padded Fraggle full body harness is designed for young climbers and little mountaineers weighing up to 40 kg (88 lbs). The full padding gives the harness maximum dimensional stability; none of the tape loops can become twisted. The harness is therefore extremely intuitive to use and children can put it on themselves without their parents’ help. Two adjustable buckles make it quick and easy to achieve the perfect fit – thanks to the combination of the continuous supportive belt and the brand new fabric joints. Just like its predecessor, the Fraggle also has an additional attachment point on the back . –The History of EDELRID– EDELRID was founded by Julius EDELmann and Carl RIDder in 1863. At first, the company made braids and cords. Julius Edelmann was a salesman and mountaineer, Carl Ridder a technician, who specialized in braiding machines. The faces might have changed over the years but EDELRID remains an innovative and creative company to this day. In 1953 EDELRID invented the kernmantel rope and revolutionized the world of climbing. Materials and production techniques were constantly improved and then 11 years later, EDELRID produced a rope capable of withstanding multiple falls – the forerunner of the modern dynamic climbing rope. Climbing has never looked back since. EDELRID specializes in four sectors: Sports, Safety, Adventure Parks and Industry. The four EDELRID divisions originate from the company’s core competences in textile braiding and processing (i.e. weaving, braiding, stitching and textile finishing). As a manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), EDELRID puts safety and quality first during both development and production.

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